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lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Daoism - an introduction

Daoism is a philosophical and religious movement which roots are far deep in the chinese history, and that today is widely spread among East Asia.

We can find its distinctive features and complexity in the concept of dao ( 道 ) : way, path, ineffable and already existent before the universe itself, perfect peace, origin and vital pulse of every being.
The dao can be thought as nothing or emptyness. Knowing it equals the mystic expierence of being in tune with it, gazing upon the universe exceeding every dichotomy between good and evil, life and death and the concepts of time and space, aiming at an all-forgetting wisdom.
As a reflection about experiecing the dao, the ineffable Absolute, daoism seems based on a doctrine and a practice that seem impossible. If the real dimeonsion of dao is concealed by the most arcane of the secrets, how can we find and walk the Way? This is but only one of the paradox daoism struggle with.

But is exactly the paradox that comes to be the key of a knowledge always alluding at truths far beyond every possible description of which we can only have a glimpse, eluding every logic.

Daoism characterized China's culture so deeply that chinese arts and science are, in some way, daoist themselves.
Furthermore, the daoist message, promoting harmony and tolerance, ask us to not forget that human beings are, even before being social animals, cosmic entities who need a balanced development - both physical and psychic, private and public, religious and political, according to nature laws.

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  1. It's sad to see a China, spiritually and culturaly ravaged by the Red Army revolution.

  2. Finally, an introduction to Daoism that is small enough to read but is chock full of info. All I can say is - Nice Post.

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